We are Mothers. Families. And We All need a place. 


One that unites our beautiful children, advocates for our diverse parenting, and bridges all of our differences for the nurturing of close knit relationships and our emotional well-being. 

 The world is our playground at Social Tykes ™️. Curated for mindful motherhood in alignment with childhood learning, healthy development, fun, comfort, and release. We are the prototype reimagining the play date experience for children ages newborn through age six.  Offering the rarest of opportunities to not only connect, but calm down, Social Tykes located in the heart of Corktown Detroit, provides the necessary duality of children and mom consideration. Where children can explore limitlessly and we as parents can digress unapologetically, Social Tykes is the primary  environment for conscious raising and for families to grow together in more ways than one through Tykes & Me Movement classes, Drop-off care, parenting workspaces, healthy meals, daily play activity and immersive workshops for uplift.


An unmatched  experience of play, nurturing, building, and affirmation, Social Tykes journeys forward with you As your Motherhood evolves momentously. Birthed from Raven Fisher’s conscientious spirit, Social Tykes is the physical manifestation of Raven’s relentless purpose — Enzo and Emory — her double heartbeats in little human form. Social Tykes is the conscious collective dedicated to making the experience of motherhood one we all deserve. 


Welcome to your home away from home.



Bottled Beverages


Pre-Packaged Healthy Snacks

Tykes & Me Movement

Tykes and Me Movement (Daily)

Tykes and Me Movement (Monthly Membership)

Tykes Play

Tykes Play (Daily)

Tykes Play (Monthly Membership)

Tykes Care Drop Off

4 hours max (pre- scheduled)

Wifi and Workspace

Space Rental (Parties)

Virtual Tutoring

 In Partnership With WAAATS UP

For Raven Fisher, self manifestation holds the key to indelible power. Her own might derives from the non-negotiable evolving she has not only endured, but conquered as a relentless creator, founder, businesswoman, and champion of motherhood in its most authentic form. Driving consistent action behind her words, Raven’s truth resides in her every endeavor. Through her first establishment, Social Tykes, Raven carves an incomparable path for fluidity within the delicate space of motherhood and womanhood. 

Following her sons — Enzo and Emory — Social Tykes’ is one of Raven’s leading brainchilds curated for mindful motherhood. In alignment with childhood learning, healthy development, fun, comfort, and release, Social Tykes is the prototype reimagining the playdate experience for babies and young children where little humans are always reminded that, “The world is our playground.”  Firmly planted in its mission, Raven personifies unity as one who strives incessantly to connect the beautiful children of Detroit’s community and beyond, while keenly focusing on the consideration of diverse parenting and the bridging of differences for the intentional development of close knit relationships and emotional well-being. 

To understand Raven’s resolve, however, is to become aware of her riveting layers which only time and experience have unearthed. As an 8-year-old, Raven was propelled into abrupt shifting after her own mother’s suicide. Becoming a mother twice over, Raven has fought tirelessly to overcome the consuming struggles of postpartum depression while pushing the needle forward inch by inch to help other women heal the pain they too often hide from the world. Raven’s dedication to the protection of her own motherhood and that of other mothers within her village is her rise to an unwavering calling in the protection of her mother’s legacy.  

Raven’s conscious celebration of life is passed on through her advocacy for young women and girls who have experienced loss. She imparts her genuine wisdom, honesty and kindness to express the gift of maintaining a limitless mindset and open-minded perspective to drive one forward regardless of circumstance and background. Beyond her serving of mothers, children, like-minded women and small businesses, Raven fosters her professional development lending her expertise to the industry of Supply Chain Management. There she assesses growth, forecasts plans and prepares for dynamic futures in a different dimension. Meeting people where they are and reaching who she can with a mindful approach, Raven is fueled through her roles as owner, founder, mother, partner, sister, daughter, teacher, and nurturer. A native to the Metro-Detroit area, she has allowed tragedy to teach her how to fight for a peaceful present and future as she fosters family uniquely and unapologetically. 

  It is no secret that identity plays an integral role in how Raven shows up for others as she executes in purpose. By starting conversations to propel families forward, Raven  honors the ability to provide children with cherished experiences and irreplaceable moments. She draws inspiration from women like her mother and sisters, and tributes her passion for service to her unflinching faith in God, gratitude and mindfulness. As Raven continuously works to strengthen motherhood ethos, it is her embodiment of  empathy with excellence that earns her an audacious place as a change-maker who is deserving of the applause she unhesitatingly grants to so many others. 

“I sometimes ask myself, ‘Who are you?’ Then, I think back to who I am not.”



Social Tykes Was Born Out Of Raven Fisher’s Recognition Of The Lack Of Spaces For Toddlers To Have Playdates.

She Felt That It Was Important For Her Children To Have A Safe, Positive, And Fun Place To Connect With Other Children And Parents In The Area. She Was Two Children, Enzo And Emory Who Both Gave Her The Vision To Create This Modern Play Space.

They Often Go On Playdates With Friends And Family, And Are Stuck On New Places To Satisfy Both Children. Entering Her ‘New Normal’ (Motherhood), She Experienced Post Partum Depression, And Lost Her Old Self. While This Is Normal For New Moms, It’s Nothing That’s Meant To Be Bottled Inside. She Learned It Takes Self-Love, Patience, Conversations, Etc. Raven Knows Now That Parents Need A Space To Come With Their Kids, Allow Everyone To Be Themselves, And Spend Time With One Another.  There’s Nothing Like Knowing That You’re Not Alone In Parenthood, Social Tykes Will Be Partnering With Local Non-Profits That Will Be Assisting Families Within The Community To Ensure They Can Enjoy Our Space.

Raven Fisher
C: 734.559.4360
1620 Michigan ave Detroit, MI

[email protected]

2024-2025 Plans coming soon!